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Evolution Chair is preferred by dentists, therapists, professionals and individuals alike as the ultimate sitting device

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   We are a Canadian company, with 2 large
health and fitness stores located in Southern
Ontario. We sell in Canadian Dollars, and
we ship across Canada FREE of Charge!

   We have been working with health and

fitness products for over 30 years, and the

Evolution Chair is one of the simplest and

most functional health and fitness tools we

have seen in that time. We have had many

years of experience working with thousands

of clients with different areas of interest and

concern, and in all cases, we have found

that sitting for long periods of time is

detrimental to the health of the body. A lot

of people can't change the fact that they

have a sedentary job, but they can choose

how they sit and what they sit on. An "active" sitting solution is in high demand, and we are very excited to offer the amazing Evolution Chair. There are many others who are excited about the Evolution Chair as well. The Evolution Chair is also recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

   Feel free to come to one of our stores to see the Evolution Chair and try it for yourself. You can also check out the various exercises and applications for the Evolution Chair right here.

   There are many benefits of "active" sitting, and we know that the Evolution Chair will make a big difference in how you sit and how you feel while you are sitting. Happy sitting!

- Legge Fitness Stores   

The Sitting Dilemma

Technology has made our lives easier but it's also made us more sedentary. As a result our health has paid a price. Poor posture, weak core muscles, back pain, reduced blood flow and poor concentration are just a few of the consequences of sitting all day every day. And it's not just because we are sitting for long periods of time, it's also because we are sitting the wrong way. Typical ergonomic chairs do provide support but since they keep the body in a static position, postural muscles begin to tire and weaken after a short period of time. Rigid chair = rigid back. LEARN MORE...


The Stability Ball Solution

Since your body is designed to move and sway, exercise balls are a far superior choice. The dynamic movement created to maintain your balance not only encourages proper spinal alignment, but also strengthens your core muscles. This "active sitting" builds and  

tones back and abdominal muscles, improves balance, and actually burns off some extra calories. But it’s not just your muscles and skeletal structure that benefits. The constant bounce and sway enhances circulation, nourishes the organs, boosts energy and even improves your ability to focus. LEARN MORE...

The Evolution Chair Advantage

Not all stability ball chairs are created equal. The Evolution Chair has key design features that set it apart from other stability ball chairs. Beware of cheap Knockoffs!  LEARN MORE...

The Science

Stability ball chairs are not just another trendy fad. The health benefits of sitting on exercise balls are backed by solid science.

Numerous independent studies have been conducted by medical doctors, chiropractors, occupational therapists and ergonomists supporting these claims.

Research has shown that “active sitting” significantly reduces spinal compression which over time can lead to disc degeneration. The dynamic movement of sitting on an unstable ball also normalizes spinal fluid diffusion and provides proper nourishment to the cartilage cells that help to keep the discs elastic and strong.

The enhanced blood and oxygen flow created from active sitting also leads to increased brain stimulation, alertness and learning ability. Studies done in classrooms revealed marked improvement in students’ ability to focus, take notes, and engage in class discussions while sitting on stability ball chairs. READ MORE...

We serve the area from Tobermory and Wiarton, to Sauble Beach, Collingwood and Owen Sound to Southampton and Port Elgin, down to Kincardine, Goderich, Exeter, Sarnia, London and St. Thomas, over to Woodstock, Brantford, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto, up through Newmarket and Barrie, and all points in-between, including Hanover, Walkerton, Mt. Forest, Wingham, Arthur, Orangeville, Brampton, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and the entire KW area, Stratford, St. Mary's and beyond

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